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32 New York Avenue, Huntington NY 11743
Coneys Marine is your local dealer for Catalina and Jeanneau Yachts.
32 New York Avenue, Huntington NY 11743 | 631-421-3366
Coneys Marine Brokerage



Thank you for choosing Coneys Marine as you consider buying or selling a sailboat!
Coneys Marine has the largest sales oriented boat yard in the Northeast. Coneys Marine offers professional representation by a broker that will help you sell your boat.

When you decide to sell your sailboat with Coneys Marine, a listing will be created and shared on our YachtWorld website. It will also be posted in our store for anyone visiting to see. We will photograph the exterior, interior, electronics, engine and details of your boat to best display what makes it an ideal boat for a prospective buyer. We welcome any photos that you may have as well.

Coneys brokerage service gets results and turns your boat into cash! If you are interested in buying a new boat, you may be eligible for trading in your current boat.

Call and ask to speak to a broker, or email us at info@coneys.com

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Tips for Selling your Boat

If you're thinking of selling your boat, or even trading it in for a new boat, here are some suggestions that will help you maximize the value of your old boat:

Clean it up! Though it may seem obvious, too many sellers have mentally moved on to their new boat and disregard the impact of showing a clean boat. This includes not only the interior, deck and hull, but should also include the bilge, lockers, all stainless steel (topsides and below), running rigging, etc.

Teak work and bottom paint. Once again, sellers have typically moved on once making the decision to sell and the last thing they want to do is refinish the teak or paint the bottom! Such a small investment can make a large return on your sale - nothing compares to a fresh coat of bottom paint and beautifully finished teak on deck! Remember, it may be an old boat to you, but to a prospective buyer, it's a brand new boat!

Hopefully these tips will help guide you to maximizing the value of your boat and allow you to afford that new boat you are moving into. Although the market will dictate how much you are able to sell your boat for, a clean, well presented boat will sell quicker and for more than a tired, poorly presented boat. Once the boat is clean and presentable, we at Coneys will take professional level photographs to create a unique listing that will best dispay all your boat has to offer.

These comments are not all-inclusive, and calling your Coneys Marine salesperson can further help you get onto the road of selling or trading in your boat.

Give us a call: (631) 421-3366

Coneys Marine Brokerage Listings
Coneys Marine Brokerage Listings